Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Let me start writing again even without the structure

 Okay I will write a new post today so I could just start writing again. I will update my blog as I am no longer the Thirdy Lopez of 2016. Thirdy Lopez of 2016 was just starting in Singapore after a couple of months of job hiatus so much has happened since. First, I quit my job in Accenture because I was so tired of commuting from Makati to Eastwood. I also had enough money so I can be on a job break. February of 2016 came and I found another job. It wasn't my ideal work environment as it was a start up which eventually failed after a couple of years. They also didn't pay my SSS and other mandated benefits so when the offer for Singapore came. I left and was AWOL. Then so much has happened after that

I am no longer the running enthusiast that I was. I made this blog to concentrate on running events and running experiences. After running my 2nd marathon in 2014, I decided to stop this hobby and concentrate on Crossfit, which I am also no longer doing. I am still a fitness enthusiast though so squats and deadlifts are still on my weekly task list.

I also became a travel enthusiast and I travelled in many places in the Philippines and later in other continents. 

That is a brief background. I will write more later.

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